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Jimmy Seargeant is an LA-based filmmaker and actor from Sydney, Australia.


He has appeared in such Australian dramas as  'Wild Side', 'Water Rats', 'Children's Hospital' and most predominantly, a recurring role on 'Home & Away', one of Australia's most successful and longest running television series.

​He has  also enjoyed some success as a voice-over artist, voicing upwards of 50 radio ads, TVCs, documentaries and animations.


A graduate from Sydney film conservatory Metro Screen, Jimmy transitioned into life behind the camera in 2007.

 Since then, he has worked extensively in Australia and the US as a producer on numerous shorts and music videos, as well as Associate Producer and Production Coordinator on various series for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic and ABC, including “A Traveller’s Guide to the Planets” for NatGeo.  

After moving to Los Angeles in 2010,  Jimmy got his Associates of Arts at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, while simultaneously coordinating  two consecutive shows at 11 Television -  the production company for the wildly popular 'Fear Factor.’


Most recently, he produced the feature film "When Jeff Tried to Save the World", starring Jon Heder.

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